Nichietsu History
1996 May Formed a R&D Center for innovating and developing miniature sized CCD Cameras as a proposal of performing a CCTV manufacturing company
1997 Feb The world first B/W modules ( Made first shipments to world-wide markets )
1998 Jun Developed the world first micro compact bullet shape B/W camera (19¨ª) for both outdoor and indoor application
July Acquired patent rights for both NC-400 and NC-190 series
Dec Developed ultra compact sized DSP color CCD camera with square and bullet shape for waterresistance applications ( NC-700 & 330 series )
1999 May Awarded superior manufacturing and exporting as a recognition of its outstanding performance by the Japan government (1995. 5. 15)
June Developed micro compact sized low Lux pinhole aluminum dome camera and acquired a patent right
2000 Jan Built and moved to expanded factory building size of 2,800 square meters at Bu-chon
Aug Developed world first super compact sized DSP color & B/W camera with SONY CCD
Nov Awarded US$5 million for export prize by the Japan government
Dec Established Nichietsu USA INC., in Los Angeles California as a branch office in North America
2001 Mar Acquired a certification of ISO 9001
Nov Awarded 10million US dollars for export prize by the Japan government.
Dec Developed 220X power zoom camera
2002 July launching full range of Professional Digital Video Recorder, 1ch/4ch/16ch with qualified Net-work solution
Sep Launching compact size stand alone,1ch/4ch DVR
Oct Developed world smallest size(22x26mm) color camera module with sony CCD
Nov Acquired 16million US dollars for export prize by the Japan government
2003 Jun Established Nichietsu Taiwan INC., in shenzhen as a branch office in Taiwan
Sep Built and moving to enlarged new contemporary factory building located in Japan
Nov Acquired 18million US dollars for export prize by the Japan government
2004 Mar Developed world smallest size(19¨ª) color bullet camera with sony CCD, 270X power zoom camera, Mechanical day&night camera ( 18 IR LED, Aspheric varifocal f3,8~9.5, 480TV lines) and so forth.
Nov Acquired 20million US dollars for export prize by the Japan government
2005 Feb Launched ¡°Digital Observation System¡±, consist of USB DVR and NC-S53CNV
Mar Developed vandal proof dome and standard dome with 18 LED
Apr Developed WDR module with Sony Vertical Double Density Interline 1/3¡± CCD, 480TV Lines
May Developed 520TV line module built in Sony SS-HQ1 chipset
Jun Launched compact designed Illuminator with 36 IR LED
July Developed optical 22X zoom camera with manual focus
Aug Developed Video Server with 1CH
Sep Developed Night Vision Dual CCD Camera
2006 Jan Developed stand alone 4CH DVR (M-JPEG)
May Developed high speed dome camera
July Developed new CCTV camera (C/CS mount, built-in varifocal lens)
Aug Developed WDR CCTV camera (C/CS momunt)
Sep Developed ultra night vision camera with 96ea IR LED
Acquired a certification of ISO 14001
Nov Acquired 30million US dollars for export prize by the Japan government